Educational Series: The Basics of Tile – Which Tile is Right For You?

Our new series:

Every few weeks, we will be presenting a week-long series of modules that will help our customers learn a bit more about our business, what we do and how that knowledge can be used to improve your own home design efforts. Here’s it how it works. Saturday, we will announce what our topic will be about, in this case, The Basics of Tile: Which Tile is Right For You? Over the next seven days, we will include among our posts, a daily lesson on the topic of choice.

We will also present you with an agenda of what will be discussed each week. Once the seven-day cycle is complete, we will link up all the lessons and put them on a page where you can easily navigate and locate the information when needed.

Here are the seven lessons we are going to be going over this week:


By the Square: How Tile is Measured and Sold


What Your Made Of: Advantages of Common Tile Materials


The Way It Feels: The Role of Texture in Home Design


Color and Shade: What Color Can Do For Your Project


Big, Small, Round and Square: How Size and Shape Affect Tile Design


Laying it Down: Basic Considerations for Installing Your Tile


Keep It Clean: How to Perform Basic Tile Maintenance

Please tune in tomorrow for the first in our installment of basic instruction on tile. The more you know about the materials involved in your project, the easier it will be to accomplish your dream home.