11 Awesome Examples of Photographic/Artistic Tile

Did you know that we can print images on your tiles? It’s a wonderful way to make a huge statement with your project. Here are 11 examples of awesome photographic tile projects that turned out stunningly!

Take every shower in a beautiful waterfall:

Take advantage of photo manipulation create interesting pieces that fit the color scheme of your room:

Relatively new methods of decorating tile can be used to create a more aged, artistic look:

Look at how this project plays with scales by surrounding a toilet with high-rise apartments:

The photo printed on tile can be incredibly realistic, but don’t try to hail this cab:

Incorporating unique materials, such as the nautical rope around this piece makes an already interesting piece even more so:

Food themes in the kitchen are common, but here’s a unique spin on an old idea:

This piece allows your guests to take a trip under the sea:

An incredible use of lines and textures make this one of the more interesting bedrooms most people will encounter:

Photographic tiles can be a centerpiece, but they can also vibrantly blend into already busy spaces:

How about a nice centerpiece for the fishing lodgebathroom?