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    Share: Pasadena home has nine powder rooms, each done in a unique style 

    Stepping into the guest bathroom in Sam and Bettyrae Eisenstein’s Pasadena home is like taking a journey to a secret garden.

    A soft green sink is meant to be the focal point, but there’s so much more to see: flower knobs for the sink and shower, a baseboard edged by blooms, a tile mosaic of a crane on the shower wall, a Batchelder fountain piece turned shower head – even a 3-D tile of a mouse peeks out from under the sink.



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    Video: A few beautiful examples of interior design 

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    Share: Tile personalities: Design Center stores say it’s looking like leather, stone, even wood and water now 

    Consider your home a blank canvas to create a work of art that expresses you. Tile is one of the most versatile ways to do it. It can be practical or passionate, create a mood or be a focal point.

    Textured tile is a hot new tool if you are looking to add dimension and interest. Patterns appear as if they are in motion, creating the illusion of flowing fabric or the slickness of stone and rock. At the Walker Zanger store in Miromar Design Center, shoppers are greeted by a tapestry of tile textures patterned on raw materials, including leather, wood and glass, as well as porcelain and ceramic.


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    Share: Urban sophistication in a rural setting 

    In some respects, builders are like artists. They do their sketches while they’re building homes for other folk, but eventually the time comes to create their own masterpiece.


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    Share: Designing mother’s ultimate social kitchen 

    Why do guests always end up in the kitchen at parties?

    Is it a social phenomenon? Some strange gravitational pull?

    I don’t know, but one thing is for sure: If your friends are going to congregate in your kitchen, you’d better make it as nice as possible.

    More …

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    Video: How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns : Mosaic Design & Color Formula for Mosaic Patterns 


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    Ask an Expert: Solving Your Floor Covering Problems 

    Do you have a problem laying or designing your tile project? Ask Bob Brush, your local floor covering expert how to fix the problem and we will post the solution here on Raleigh Tile Blog!

    Post your inquiry on our Facebook page, in the comments below or by e-mailing us (!

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    Share: The Versatility of Stone in Fireplace Design 

    As the focal point of the room, a beautifully designed fireplace will find use year-round whether it’s for ambiance with a a candle arrangement in the warmer months or a warmth with a cozy fire in the colder months. Every piece of marble, granite and slate is different bringing exclusive elegance but they are all durable and heat-resistant making them even more ideal for a fireplace. With the freedom to the choose color, cut and shape, the versatility of stone offers endless possibilities for innovative and customized designs that reflect personal style.


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    Laying it Down: Basic Considerations for Installing Your Tile 

    Sure, there are professionals who decide to lay their own tile. Some of you out there, however, are do-it-yourselfers. We salute you. This is by no means a complete guide to laying your tile, but here are some special considerations you should make when placing the tile for your own project.

    Here are some of the basic tools you may need:


    Chalk line


    Rubber gloves

    Tile mastic

    Tile grout sealer


    Edging cap

    Outside corner edge caps for ceramic tile

    Paint stirring stick or old toothbrush  (optional)

    Grooved trowel  (optional)

    Tile nippers  (optional)

    Tile cutter  (optional)

    Rubber squeegee   (optional)

    Saber saw with carbide blade (optional)

    Pre-gaming your tile

    First, you need to check your walls to ensure that everything is smooth, fairly level and free of debris that could interfere with the adhesion of you tile material. Additionally, you should read all the instructions that are provided with your tiling materials and tools.

    Laying the tile

    Be sure to have spacers on hand that evenly and purposely space the tile that you are laying. When laying the tile out before placement, try to be mindful of edge cuts and other awkward tile placement that could arise from edges or other obstructions to laying a full piece of tile before any tile is laid or cut.

    When placing the tile, try to ensure the adhesive is not pushed in a way that causes “bunching” or otherwise may cause difficulty in creating smooth and even grout lines. Before completing any stage of the project, be sure to give the tile adhesive plenty of time to “set” before continuing to grouting or other steps.

    Grouting the tile

    Remember, do not start the grouting process until the tile adhesive has dried completely. Before beginning the grout process, be sure the grout is thoroughly mixed and ready for application. Wetting the placed tile will help prevent the tile from pulling moisture from your grout material.

    A rubber squeegee can be used to even the grout and a sponge should be used to wipe up any excess grout from the tile. A blunt stick can be used to push the grout further into the joints of the tile.

    Once the grout has dried, the thin film of grout that has formed over the tile needs to be cleaned from the tile. For some projects, this can be done by simply polishing the tile. Others may require some other materials. Stop by the store and we can help you out if you are having troubles.

    If any areas need to be caulked around the tile edges, now is the time to do so. Once all of the above is complete, apply a grout sealant, per the manufacturers instructions.

    Most important tip

    The most important tip of all is to consult us for any problems! We can answer many questions online, but we invite you to stop by the store any time during our business hours to ask any questions you may have about your project. We have decades of experience and want to help you create the very best project possible!

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    11 Awesome Examples of Photographic/Artistic Tile 

    Did you know that we can print images on your tiles? It’s a wonderful way to make a huge statement with your project. Here are 11 examples of awesome photographic tile projects that turned out stunningly!

    Take every shower in a beautiful waterfall:

    Take advantage of photo manipulation create interesting pieces that fit the color scheme of your room:

    Relatively new methods of decorating tile can be used to create a more aged, artistic look:

    Look at how this project plays with scales by surrounding a toilet with high-rise apartments:

    The photo printed on tile can be incredibly realistic, but don’t try to hail this cab:

    Incorporating unique materials, such as the nautical rope around this piece makes an already interesting piece even more so:

    Food themes in the kitchen are common, but here’s a unique spin on an old idea:

    This piece allows your guests to take a trip under the sea:

    An incredible use of lines and textures make this one of the more interesting bedrooms most people will encounter:

    Photographic tiles can be a centerpiece, but they can also vibrantly blend into already busy spaces:

    How about a nice centerpiece for the fishing lodgebathroom?

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